Wednesday, 1 August 2012

DxO FilmPack 2 Free Serial Number (Windows & Mac)

DxO FilmPack 2 Free Download with Serial Number / License Key (Windows & Mac) – DxO FilmPack is a simple and efficient film simulation software which allows the user to easily give any digital image the style of a photo taken with black & white or color film, including the legendary renderings of films used by the great photographers of the last century.It is very easy to use and relies on the modification of the basic image characteristics to most closely approximate the original film’s reaction to color and light, then on the application of a grain that gives the film’s feel and personality. Of course, DxO FilmPack makes a copy without altering your original… which can be saved or used to try other film renderings later.
DxO FilmPack thus offers:
  1. The rendering of many black & white and color silver-halide films based on measurements of their characteristics and on tests conducted by DxO;
  2. The true grain of the films, copied from authentic test films, with adjustable dimensions and intensity;
  3. The possibility of mixing a rendering with a different grain to develop one’s own films;
  4. The use of colored filters and metallic toning for creative effect in black & white
Uses of DxO FilmPack
In comparison with the many modifications that a photo editor might make, DxO FilmPack offers quick and highly effective solutions for easily transforming your digital files in order to:
  1. Discover the magic of classic silver-halide films and the variety of images that can be obtained by changing sensitive media: What used to be possible to do through exposure on classic film can now be reproduced on your computer;
  2. Rediscover the rendering of a classic film to match photos taken several years ago on film and recent digital photos to display in an exhibition or for a book;
  3. Give texture to enlargements to avoid the overly smooth or even “plastic” feel that is a common critic of digital photos, as the addition of a grain gives density and relief visible to the eye when printed on large format paper;
  4. Freely combine the desired renderings to explore without limits the artistic creation that was the privilege of virtuoso chemists in the darkroom only a few years ago.
    Instructions on how to download: Click on any of the links below, wait for 5 seconds for page to load and the click on "skip ad" to be redirected to the download page.

    DxO FilmPack 2 Free Serial Number / License Key
    To get a free serial key for DxO FilmPack 2 , please go to this giveaway page (Page is in German, use Google translate), enter your email and click on the BEST√ĄTIGEN button. Then they will sent you the license by email.
    Download DxO FilmPack 2: for Windows | For Mac

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